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Procedures for International TM Application

Procedures for International TM Application

To get the international trademark registration in India the applicant must be an Indian national or domicile in India or have any commercial business in India. These are the criteria for filing. In case of an applicant he should filed a trademark registration in India or he must be a registered owner of the mark for which the mark is requiring an international certificate. The description of goods and services which are mentioned in the application also be unique.

International applications are operated by trademark attorneys and the attorney must authorized on Form TM-48 by the applicant. TM-48 is in the form of power of attorney and the applicable stamp duty is paid based on the state stamp duty Act under the concerned jurisdiction. International applications is submitted in the Form MM-2(E). The application Form MM-18(E) is need to file in case of foreign country is a part of European Union.After getting the application the registrar shall verify the application suitable for Madrid Protocol and will transmit such application to the WIPO. After verification the WIPO transfer the application to the concerned foreign Govt. Applications are processed by foreign Govt. & all the related information are routed to Indian Govt. international and the local registration both are connecting to each other. Because if the registration gets violated or withdrawn within 5 years then the international registration will be no longer protected. After the process are cleared and the journal publication is over, then the trademark will automatically generated.

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